Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8 Oz

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  • Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil 8oz

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  1. My favorite go to oil!!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jan 2015

    I love this oil! It keeps my 4c hair SUPER soft and moisturized. Not to mention that it helps my hair grow faster and thicker.

  2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Great Product

    Posted by Brenda on 5th Jan 2015

    I am glad I purchased it. I have only been using the oil for a couple of weeks and I see the difference in hair growth and texture. So far, it is working very well for me. I am anxious to see what happens in the next few week.

  3. Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2014

    I really like this product and now I'm hooked. I've notice where my hair was thinning at the edges it has grown and my hair is getting thicker and looking healthier. This oil really works.

  4. Helping my edges grow!!

    Posted by CB on 18th Apr 2014

    This is a miracle oil!! My edges are already growing after only 3 weeks of using the product. I recommend this to anybody who is looking for something to aid in hair growth.


    Posted by deBora cousins on 7th Mar 2014

    I have used tropic isle since 2008 on my locks. then I started using the product on my granddaughter's hair in 2009. Eyl is a product I started using when I visited Jamaica in 05. I also use sunny isle products. Congrats and much success Jamaican oils!!!

  6. awesome product

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2014

    I haven't been using this product for long and i've already seen great results ! definitely will buy this product again once it's done.


    Posted by sonja on 3rd Jan 2014

    I order my jbco just under a month ago and i am so very happy to see new hair growth and to see it so quickly.I am a HAPPY CUSTOMER ,and will order this product again.

  8. Used TIL JBCO before - great for skin and scalp

    Posted by Carolyn Cochran on 21st Oct 2013

    JBCO is great for the skin and scalp. it thickens the hair and is really great for burns. It is not overnight but after continual used You will be really pleased at your purchase.

  9. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2013

    Absolutely love this product. I've used it for only a few weeks and already I see results as far as the growth

  10. Waiting and hoping for change

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2013

    I just started using the product. The smell isn't that great, so this means it has to be good. I have noticed a difference in my hair already. Hopefully, within a couple of months there will be a change. So I'm waiting and hoping for change, only time will tell.

  11. Pain/eyebrows

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Sep 2013

    Originally I started using it for pain and it is great. I am now in the process trying to regrow my eyebrows so I started yesterday and now I guess it is a wait and see

  12. really works!

    Posted by KareBare on 12th Jun 2013

    My daughter's hair was breaking down to NOTHING. There was no cure to rejuvenating her hair. Finally, I read something about Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Searched the web and found which had the most reasonable price for the oil. In just a years time (her hair was really bad off), my daughter's hair is alive again. With limited heat, Jamaican Black Castor, biotin and prayers, my daughter is on her way back to having some Good Hair..LOL.

  13. Works Like A Charm

    Posted by Lala on 1st Nov 2012

    I experienced extreme thinning of the edges after an allergic reaction to a popular haircare line which left me little to no hair in the front. I decided to try JBCO after reading about it on several haircare forums.

    The smell was a somewhat nutty but I just added a little peppermint oil to it which completely covers it. I only experienced itching the first time that I put it on but after that, no problems. I have only been using the product for about a month and I already see a major difference. I only put it on about every 3 days as the oil does melts and can saturate the hair.

    Overall, I am completely satisfied and will try the rest of the product line to see if full results are acheived,

  14. Staple Product

    Posted by Ama Oduma on 13th Oct 2012

    I have been natural even since 2004; however, with the recent wide availability of natural hair care information, I have been steadily improving the methods of taking care of my hair. I was first introduced to JBCO through the internet. I heard so many positive reviews about it. Consequently, I decided to purchase some. Ever since then, I have been using JBCO for over a year now and the health and length of my hair have improved dramatically.

    At first, the oil made my scalp itch, but this was easily resolved by adding half extra virgin olive oil and half JBCO. A part from that, the product has been a miracle for me, and I do not have any complaints about it.

    As far as this company goes, they ship very fast and always send coupons via email. I have not had any problems, yet. I plan on being a regular customer here.

  15. Works Wonders!

    Posted by Candy on 19th Jun 2012

    My hair broke off really bad after I got a sew in that was extremely too tight for me. I barely had any hair in the front. I decided to try Jamaican Black Castor Oil after doing some research. I expected it to smell awful and it to make my hair itch due to listening to other reviews. However, that wasn't the case for me.

    It didn't smell as bad as I thought it would. I've been using it for about 3 months now and I see a huge difference in my hair. My hair has grown a lot considering the time frame and how short it was before I started using it. It moisturizes my scalp very well, helped thickened and grew my hair, and a little goes a long way due to its thick consistency. I would have to say at least give it a try because it's a great multipurpose oil.

  16. Great staple product

    Posted by Shanna W on 8th Jun 2012

    I have been using Tropic Isle Living for almost 2 years now, and I must say it's a great core product. Since my hair is relaxed (and I do plan to transition to natural in the next 2 years), I wanted to focus on using Natural and Organic hair products. I found TIL JBCO on a few hair sites and decided to give it a try.

    At first, for the first 2 weeks or even longer your scalp will get itchy (for most people), because the oil also detoxifies your scalp. The oil is a dark brown color with a thick consistency, and has a natural unique scent. This oil is a multipurpose oil, can be used for hair, and body. So its, quite useful!

    After adding this product to my hair regimen, I can say I have seen results. Thicker, longer, and healthier hair! With consistant usage, achieving thicker and healtheir hair was more important thing. I've used the oil as a scalp moisturizer, hot oil treatment, mixed conditioner hair mask, and a body oil. Overall, this is a wonderful product both for Natural, and Chemical treated hair! Plus a little goes a long way!

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Product Description

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil is generally used as a hot oil treatment or hair grease for various hair problems: dry damaged hair, hair growth, thinning hair, split ends. Massage oil for aches and pain including arthritis and joint stiffness. And often used to moisturize skin, dry chapped feet, corns, calluses etc. Hand processed from pure wild crafted and organic Jamaican castor seeds.

Black Castor Oil is a powerful all-purpose healing oil that came to Jamaica from West Africa where it was used in ancient times for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Tropic Isle Living's all natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil is light to dark brown due to the tedious age old traditional process still used to make this brand.  Keep a bottle handy for your hair and skin maintenance and healing, massage oil for aches and pain, a first aid for cuts, wounds and burns etc. 

  • stimulates hair growth
  • cleanse scalp of parasites and toxins that damages hair and slows growth
  • help repair dry damaged hair and breakages
  • protects hair with a protective coat that seals in moisture
  • use as a hot oil treatment

Hot Oil Treatment:

  • Warm 3 Tbsp of the castor oil and massage into hair then put on heating cap for a half hour OR massage castor oil into hair, put on heating cap and sit under dryer for 10min.
  • For Skin: Massage into skin to moisturize dry skin and to help relieve common skin problems.
  • For Aches and Pains: Warm and massage into areas of discomfort for instant soothing.

TIP: For added moisture: Add 3 Tbsp to a deep conditioner to add and seal in moisture for dry, permed and colored hair once a week.