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Blue Lagoon Aroma Scent 100% Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Healing Blends BLUE LAGOON Aroma Scent 100% Essential Oil Blend 10ml for home and body use. 

"Welcome to the essence of Jamaica... Quite possibly the greatest natural attraction in Jamaica, the Blue Lagooncame to worldwide recognition with Brooke Shield's movie " Blue Lagoon" which was filmed on the site of this startling azure body of water. Located in my hometown of Port Antonio, clarifying and purifying is a swim in this natural sinkhole and so too, our unique blend of essential oils to cool, soothe, refresh in this oh so blue!...."  Courtesy of Healing Blends

Ingredients:  Lavender, Palmarosa, Chamomile, Vetiver, Fir Needle, Orange, Rose Geranium

Action: Clarifying and Purifying 

Directions: For diffuser use, fill diffuser dish half full with water. Add 9 drops of oil. Light tea candle to heat. Forbody massage, add 1:10 ratio of carrier oil; of 1-2 neat drop for fragrance use.  

AROMA SCENT 100% ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND COLLECTION:  "Healing Blends Aroma Scents is a tribute to Jamaica, the land of wood and water and to the love and warmth that defines my island people...Healing Blends Aroma Scents, a collection of specially blended essential oils, each capturing a different feeling reminiscent of a place in Jamaica and appropriate for a specific application in your life. These exotic blends will transport you to a haven of calm renewal, refreshing clarity, or comforting warmth...all that Jamaica is to those who live there and those who visit." Courtesy of Healing Blends

Patricia Phang-Sang Chase, creator of Healing Blends products, Traditional Reiki Master and PAHT Practitioner, is a Jamaican of Asian lineage.

  • Clarifying and Purifying
  • Inspired by Jamaica's BLUE LAGOON
  • Made from 100% organic medicine grade aroma therapeutic oils

Blue Lagoon Aroma Scent 100% Essential Oil Blend 10ml Reviews

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