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Fountain Pimento Oil 3.5oz is one of "Jamaica's gifts to the world"! Fountain pimento oil is unique in that the botanicals (leaves, berries) are steeped in the bottle and continue to ferment over time! Pimento (Pimenta dioica) also referred to as allspice is a renowned natural analgesic, and has been a traditional herbal remedy in Jamaica for centuries! Universally recognized in the alternative medicine community as a powerful anesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant, antiseptic, carminative, relaxant, rubefacient, stimulant, medicinal tonic and insect repellent.

Typically used to treat the symptoms associated with rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation, nerve damage (carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves or herniated discs), fluid retention and flatulence. For sports enthusiasts, use it to massage away sore and sprained muscle aches.

Relieves menstrual cramps, back pain - in fact any minor ache or pain with be "numbed" almost immediately with just one application of this "complete medicine cabinet in a bottle"!

Fountain Pimento Oil is a staple in a community that embraces holistic and not prescribed medications. There are no harmful side effects associated with our products, however since these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, we recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional before using on young children or pregnant women.

Your Medicine Cabinet In A Bottle



  • 5
    Took away back pain

    Posted by Robin on 17th Aug 2017

    I am not one to write reviews or overhype a product but I felt I needed to do a review on how this took away my back last night. I did something to my back and as a result I had a very painful spot in my lower right back area. By the time I got home from work yesterday I could barely get out the car, lift my right leg, walk etc. Because I had just purchased something from this site a few days ago, I remembered that I had this oil in my cabinet and I remembered reading that it was supposed to be good for pain. I had nothing to lose so I took a big dollop and rubbed it into the area that was hurting. I am not exaggerating when I say that within minutes my pain had lessened to such a degree that I was able to walk with no pain, bend side to side, and sit without wincing. The pain was there but it was so diminished that it was almost like it was gone. I was amazed. I told my husband. He used it on his foot which has been giving him problems. He said for him the pain went away instantly. I applied two more times before going to bed and once again this morning before going to work. The pain is gone. This stuff works and I'm ordering another bottle right now lol. I plan on trying this out on all my other "ailments"

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    sprained ankle

    Posted by Rowena on 14th Mar 2016

    I discovered pimento oil when my Mum applied it to my head for my migraine. I paid attention when I sprained my ankle last winter and I was in extreme pain, nothing seemed to work until I applied the Pimento oil and the pain went away immediately which made the recovery go smoother. I was amazed and happy for the relief. I didn't have to take the aspirin to alleviate the pain every 8 hours because the oil helped me. This oil is amazing, I use it for back pains, headaches and pain in my joints. Awesome!!

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    Pain gone

    Posted by Simone on 19th Aug 2015

    I read someone's review on how it alleviated some pain. I decided to order the pimento oil because my knees were stiff and painful due to and injury and over-exercising. I took a nice warm shower and rubbed both knees with this oil for only 5 minutes. No word of a lie; the pain was 80% gone. I ran downstairs and told my husband; and then he wanted me to try rubbing some on his shin due to an old soccer injury. He loved the tingling sensation as well. If you have joint pain or any type of injury try this oil. It works!!

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    OMG!!! Please read my review!!!! AMAZING PRODUCT!!

    Posted by Shaleen on 30th Jul 2012

    I'm such a believer in Fountain Pimento Oil now that I want everyone to read my review :) I purchased this product because I know how amazing pimento oil is. Reading the ingredient list and having seen a couple of reviews online, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I received it about three weeks ago (and the shipping was super fast) and just began applying it to some dark spots on my arms in hopes that it would lighten them…not knowing if it really would or not (but I wanted to start using it right away so that’s what I figured I’d start with). To my surprise, after just applying it every night for a week, I was seeing a big difference in these marks and they appeared to be getting lighter. For about a week, I had been suffering from horrible gas pains in my stomach. As the days went on, it got worse and I knew it was something worse than just gas pains (although I could hear and feel the gas moving about in my stomach... It was as if it was trapped)... I felt that it may be gastritis or even the beginning of an ulcer forming. The pain was so awful that on Saturday night, I thought that I would have to present to the ER the next day if it did not get better. I had been drinking mint tea and ginger tea every day for six days and that gave me very temporary relief. Yesterday afternoon, while in so much pain and agony, I remembered that I had the Fountain Pimento Oil. "Well, this can't possibly help this awful stomach pain", I thought. But, I surely had nothing to lose. I applied the Fountain Pimento Oil to the left side of my stomach where the pain/gas was. Within 40 minutes, the pain had COMPLETELY left my body. Surely this was in my head, I thought. No way could this pain just had left my body like that. So I waited a couple hours and then on into the night to see if the pain and discomfort would return. It did not and in fact, I was able to eat without pain or discomfort for the first time in days. Since the pain and discomfort was always at its worst and unbearable at night, I waited for the pain to return last night and keep me up. It did not. This morning I woke up and I can honestly say that I feel 95% better. Is this possible???? I NEVER write reviews on anything, but this Fountain Pimento Oil is AMAZING!!! Believe it!! I hope many people read this and are inspired to get it. After this experience, I will use this for all of my aches and pains and MORE! Please buy this product, you will not be sorry!! I promise you! I’m soooo in love and I still can’t believe that I am sitting here typing this review, pain and discomfort free , all because of this Fountain pimento oil.

  • 5
    This stuff works!

    Posted by Charmaine on 11th Jul 2012

    I saw the commercial on the Caribbean channel here in New York, and half-hardheartedly googled Fountain and this website came up. I ordered the Pimento oil and used it on my knees right away. My knees had been bothering me for years! Anyway, the next day when I woke up, I never felt my usual familiar ache. All day, I never felt the pain 3 days later I was in shock, STILL NO PAIN! As I write this, I can't even remember what the knee pain even felt like - it just hasn't come back. I've told so many people, you have to buy this oil it is a real God send, and bless the makers of this oil.