Om Passion Incense 15 grams

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Om Passion 15 grams (approximately 10 hand-rolled sticks). Om Passion is a blend of flowers that come together form a unique sweet aphrodiesiac that sure to ignite passion!!! This incense is a blend of floral oils combined with the finest natural resins, honey and wood powders. A fair trade product made with sustainable natural materials, hand crafted in India.

This products features the following benefits:

  1. Fair Trade products
  2. Slow burning, each 8" stick burns for 1 hour
  3. Natural honey based incense
  4. Made from 100% sustainable raw material
  5. Packaging made from recycled board
  6. Eco friendly biodegradable packaging

Indian OM: "The word Om and the ancient sanskrit symbol represent the sound vibration that created the universe."