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Tropical Holistic 100% Pure Organic Apricot Kernel Oil 2oz

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Tropical Holistic 100% Pure Organic APRICOT KERNEL Oil 2oz is undiluted and contains no  filler or chemicals. Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from kernel of the apricot. This oil is food grade and safe for all skin types. This is one of nature's most beneficial natural oils absolutely packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Essential Fatty Acids, Oleic and Linoleic. It's great for beautiful hair, skin, and heart health.

Cold Pressed. Dark Bottle PRESERVES FRESHNESS to make this Apricot Oil usable with full potency for far longer. This is the all-natural blast of nutrients your body needs to look younger, feel better, and enjoy optimum health.

Ingredient: 100% Pure Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, no additives or fillers.

Botanical NamePrunus armeniaca

Origin: Turkey

Suggested Use: Massage 2-4 drops on body, face, hair.


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