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Tropical Holistic Eyelash Growth Serum 1oz

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Tropical Holistic's Eyelash Growth Serum is a special organic blend in a 1oz glass bottle with dropper. Great quality bonus eyelash and mascara applicator are included. This serum is filled with premium herbal nutrients that are Certified USDA Organic. You simply can't find purer, more potent, and safer serum anywhere. Tropical Holistic's exciting new formula is specially blended to help grow and nourish beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, but some women and men also use it to grow richer beards, and add new growth to hairlines.


Organic Castor Oil - Enriches the scalp/skin for improved hair/eyelash growth.

Organic Soybean Oil - Helps hold in moisture for more youthful appearance.

Organic Coconut Oil - Adds softness, luster, and shine to hair.

Organic Olive Oil - An anti-inflammatory that promotes scalp health.

Vitamin E - Keeps your follicles healthy and promotes hair growth.

Organic Argan Oil - Extremely rich in beneficial fatty acids and Vitamin E.

FINALLY GET THE GROWTH YOU WANT... naturally. Forget chemical treatments and expensive diets. Hair transplants are expensive, painful, and take a long time. Use this organic, herbal, very healthy, nutrient rich Eyelash Growth Serum to stimulate new growth. It's non-habit forming with no side-effects. 


FOR BEST RESULTS -Use for a minimum of at least 60 days 


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