About Us

JAMAICANOILS.COM is your 1-stop online store for authentic, exotic, healing and healthy Jamaican oils including Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Jamaican Pimento Oil, and Jamaican Coconut Oil.  JamaicanOils is proud to offer you choices in the very best Jamaican Black Castor Oil based hair and skin care products.  Our famous brands include SUNNY ISLE, EYL, FOUNTAIN OIL, OLDE JAMAICA and HEALING BLENDS.   Our online inventory also includes other organic products such as remedy oils, and coldcrafted Affirmation Soaps created by Jamaican-owned Healing Blends, and wellness supplements and cleansers from The Herbal Tea House in NJ.  

JAMAICANOILS.COM is the authorized distributor of SUNNY ISLE Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Fountain Oil products.  We sell to wholesale and retail customers throughout the USA as well as internationally.  Please give us a call at 954-610-7266 so we may direct you to our retailers.  

We ship via USPS and UPS serving many countries around the globe.