Is Cumin Seed Oil A "Cure All"? Learn About the Potent Powers of This Pure Plant-Based Oil

Posted by Press Room at JamaicanOils on 21st May 2018

Is Cumin Seed Oil A "Cure All"? Learn About the Potent Powers of This Pure Plant-Based Oil

When it comes to health and wellness, it seems everyone has their own favorite oils. Since our daily lives are busier than ever before, most men and women keep their eyes peeled for health supplements that provide more than just a few basic benefits. Extracted from the seeds of black cumin plants native to southwestern Asia, the Mediterranean and parts of Africa, black cumin seed oil is widely used as a cure-all herbal medicinal. Curious how this oil could assist you on your journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle? Check out some of the health benefits associated with the daily consumption of this natural oil.

Kills Harmful Bacteria and Parasites:   Did you know common infections such as MRSA and staph are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics? It's true. This is especially concerning for those with weakened immune systems. The good news is black cumin seed oil has proven to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria but also purge the system of toxins and parasites.

Boosts Weight Loss + Glucose Tolerance:  Black cumin seed oil has been shown to support healthy weight loss and treat diabetes by “flushing” out toxic buildup and increasing the regeneration of what are known as “beta-cells”. It's venerated as a health supplement that prevents both type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as obesity.

Supports Liver Health and Detoxification:  The organ responsible for purging toxins and digesting complex fats, the liver is generally considered one of the most important organs. Sometimes referred to as the liver's best friend, black cumin seed oil helps this organ heal and operate optimally.

We get it. Black cumin seed oil can have a pungent taste and lingering odor. Easier to swallow and not as intense as liquid drops,  TROPICAL HOLISTIC 100% PURE BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL SOFTGEL 100 CAPSULES come highly recommended. Take advantage of the health benefits black cumin seed oil provides with the softgels capsules if you have an aversion to the taste of liquid black cumin.